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Technology Subject Matter Expert (SME) - ERG DEI Leadership Council
  • Needs Identification: Recognized critical collaboration and communication gaps among employee resource groups in the Washington region, initiating efforts to enhance efficiency and teamwork.

  • Strategic Consultation: Enlisted to propose technology-driven solutions to the DEI council to bridge identified gaps, highlighting problem-solving and innovative thinking.

  • Persistence and Vision: Continued to pursue the project with voluntary efforts despite initial lack of formal support, demonstrating commitment and adaptability.

  • Leadership Engagement: Capitalized on an organizational shift by aligning with new leadership that embraced the initiatives, propelling the project towards success.

  • Technology Implementation: Served as the primary technology SME, leading the implementation of MS Teams, SharePoint, and knowledge sharing processes, emphasizing expertise in collaboration tools.

  • Ongoing Support: Continued to provide critical technology-related support, ensuring the sustainable success of the initiatives and positioning myself as a go-to resource for technology-related inquiries.

  • Impact and Success: Played a pivotal role in enhancing the collaboration and communication capabilities of the DEI council, reflecting a strong impact on organizational effectiveness and alignment.





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