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In search of mine next grand quest to leave a mark upon the realms.

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Of Alice, the maiden fair

I am a weaver of tales driven by the wisdom of data, cultivating a culture where the flame of innovation blazes. Now do I serve as a Senior Analyst for Digital NPS & Journey Insights in the land of telecommunications. My role within the Hall of Digital Excellence and Optimization is to delve into the in-depth analysis of transactional Net Promoter Score and audits of journeys in the unassisted digital pathways, where I proudly wield the NPS Callback program's scepter. With more than two decades of experience guiding small and medium enterprises, and a span of 8 years with the orchard of Apple, my history is a woven tapestry, aimed at the enhancement of the experiences of the many. This blend of paths has forged me into an uncommon cable master, armed with visions and strategies to transform our engagements with our kin.

Project Management  Data Analytics 

 Digital Innovation   Customer Experience 

 Leadership  Collaboration  EQ 

Storytelling   Journey Insights 

Net Promoter Score 


A Fire for Community, Leadership, and Connection in the Digital Ether: Uniting Souls On and Off the Battlefield

Beyond the walls of my chamber, my adventurous spirit has beckoned me to the tumultuous world of Roller Derby, where I have donned the mantles of player and mentor. In the digital domain, I govern a raid server and the digital haven for Oak Harbor, Washington's Pokémon Go Fellowship, forging a sanctuary where kin may unite, organize, and partake in games. These voluntary endeavors ignite my passion to guide with resolve, compassion, and intent.

My quest to comprehend leadership has been profound and filled with wisdom. Through dialogues with the noble, attending the halls of learning, and immersing in written knowledge, I have perceived the vital essence of emotional intelligence, empathy, and psychological guardianship in fostering a thriving kingdom. Thus, I stand a proud champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, ceaselessly seeking paths to a more embracing realm.

Skills to Bestow Prosperity

Skillset: A Creative Solver of Riddles at Heart

I am a thinker of grand visions, driven by solutions beyond the mundane, recognizing how even the subtlest artistry can mold an entire odyssey. With an eye honed sharp and a soul that thrives under trial, I craft works of quality within the confines of time. My mastery of relations empowers me to unite with diverse souls across many lands.

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