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Alice simply understands people. If there’s the off chance she hasn’t “walked a mile in their shoes”, she’s had enough experience with people in general that she has no problem relating to any individual experiences. 
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Justin S. - Technical Operations

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Brandon R. - WA

...she represents the best in what your company (or any company) could ask for regarding an employee who is courteous, caring, smart, capable, and truly taking ownership of the problem through resolution...

Before I walked outside to say thanks, I literally was trying to figure out how to proactively reach out to Comcast to let them know what an amazing asset they have in Alice. I hope she is soon managing Teams of folks taking care of customers as her insight, style, and I suspect leadership, would greatly serve your entity for years (make sure to keep her!).

Larry R. - WA

A most capable and superior technician she quickly troubleshot and isolated the problem...


Equal to her technical skills are her "people" skills. Friendly and outgoing, she took the time to answer my questions with easy to understand answers and a smile. Comcast has a valuable asset in this young lady. Management would be wise to go to great lengths to retain her, nurture her skills and encourage her to seek a [leadership] role in your company

Juan G. - IL

Alice from your customer team is AMAZING... [she] took her time in reviewing my case and all the notes associated to it, at one point during our chat I lost my internet connection and she called me not once but thrice... and man did she take ownership, she reviewed my case understood the issue, knew where the ball was dropped and starting working on it. We spoke on a Friday before labor day and committed to calling me back with updates over the holiday weekend...


Please clone Alice, we need more folks like her!

Pile of Books


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Alice Free to you. I had the privilege of working with Alice as her manager at The Book Rack for two years, and also as a fellow board and training committee member for the Whidbey Island Roller Girls for seven years. Regardless of environment: paid or volunteer, high-stress, high-demand or relaxed & low-key, working as an individual or in a team, Alice has excelled and helped the organizations we were involved with grow by leaps and bounds.

Alice has a strong work ethic. She can work on various projects and keep a good perspective on priorities. She approaches projects with vigor, regardless if they are detail-oriented, repetitive, massive in scope, or otherwise, and appropriately balances the time and energy devoted to them to maximize effectiveness. Alice is easily able to work in a high-stress, high-energy position with little to no supervision, while still working to benefit the entire organization.

In a team-based environment, she actively looks for ways to keep the team moving forward and feeling united. The term “team player” is overused in many instances, but she takes the concept and elevates it.

Alice can easily identify roadblocks in processes and then find creative, budget friendly ways to streamline things. This creates a “user-friendly” workplace for employees and customers. She has a knack for community building, which makes customers (and employees) feel like they are part of something unique.

Alice is not afraid to share her thoughts on what is working, and perhaps more importantly, what isn’t working. When doing so, she has suggestions ready for when things can be improved. She balances this out by also having quality compliments for when things are working well.

Alice’s customer service is off the charts. She easily switch priorities for different types of customers, based on the needs of the customer/business relationship. For example: she quickly determines which customers to use time-trusted sales tactics on for up-selling and which to steer towards more budget friendly options to ensure retention. This great sense of which customers need a little more guidance and which prefer a hands off approach has boosted sales during her shifts at The Book Rack. Her ability to “read” people and substantial sales toolbox makes her an invaluable asset on a sales floor.


Alice has a great sense of how to market a business, particularly utilizing social media. Her creative and artistic side, which benefits from her graphic design studies, means that she can create visually appealing displays for merchandise, eye-catching signage for product, and marketing materials that continue the business brand.

Without reservation, I confidently recommend Alice to join your team. She truly will be a benefit to your organization. Please feel free to contact me [***] should you like to discuss Alice’s qualifications and
experience further. I would be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Jaime K., The Book Rack 

A few words that stick out to me are “motivated, driven, persistent when faced with adversity, strong networking and communication skills."

Cole H.

Ambitious/driven - Check

Self-sufficient - Check

Work ethic - Amazing

Efficiency - Amazing

Andrew M.

One of the young women in Comcast to watch!!

Matthew T.

Image by S. Tsuchiya

"Alice's Brand" Testimonial

When I think of Alice Fret’s “brand”, what words come to mind? At first blush- these come to mind: Brave, Patient, Confident, Introspective, Empathetic, Humble, Insightful, Thorough, Detailed, Organized, Passionate, Strong, Impactful. If I’m to boil these down to my top 3, here is what I’d roll with- as well as why:


Brave: It takes bravery to seek growth in one’s self, as well as tactfully encourage it in others- be it direct reports, peers, or direct managers. I’ve seen her do all 3 simultaneously. If this was a challenge, she approached it with extreme care and confidence.


Empathetic: Alice simply understands people. If there’s the off chance she hasn’t “walked a mile in their shoes”, she’s had enough experience with people in general that she has no problem relating to any individual experiences. This is an incredible tool to lean on when getting a good understanding as to what any person may be going through at any given point in time.


Organized: When Alice was an interim supervisor at the Everett FFO [Field Fulfillment Office], our technicians were floating* to the Seattle PRIN [Principal Area] often. Some were spending more time servicing our neighbors to the south, than their own native PRIN. Techs were coming home late, tired, and utterly burnt out. Alice took it upon herself to build a “Float Tracker” to help our entire FFO become more organized when sending techs to Seattle. I can’t stress enough how much of a boon this was to our FFO. So much so, we still use this tracker to this day. We’re more organized, our techs aren’t burnt out, and we are 100% aligned with how we approach Seattle floats because of her contributions. Bonus word: Impactful.


*floating: when a technician is temporarily assigned an area outside of their native reporting area. In this case, it could be 60 miles/2 hours or more. Some techs were making this drive daily for months while others may not have even been on the list.

Justin S. - Technical Operations

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