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In pursuit of the subsequent professional engagement to effect global ramifications.

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Pertaining to the Individual Known as Alice

Engaged as a compiler of quantitative narratives, fostering an environment of innovation proliferation. Presently occupying the position of Senior Analyst in Digital NPS & Journey Insights within the telecommunications sphere, performing exhaustive evaluation of transactional Net Promoter Score and audit reviews of customer journey in non-aided digital mediums. Sole proprietor of the NPS Callback program, equipped with two decades of hands-on managerial expertise in small to medium enterprises, inclusive of an 8-year tenure at Apple Inc. An amalgamation of diverse experiences fabricates a distinct profile, focused exclusively on amplifying the consumer experience, thereby serving as a non-traditional cable professional, fortified with the comprehension and methodologies to revolutionize client engagement.

Project Management  Data Analytics 

 Digital Innovation   Customer Experience 

 Leadership  Collaboration  EQ 

Storytelling   Journey Insights 

Net Promoter Score 


An Ardent Inclination towards Community, Leadership, and the Nexus of Digital Interactions: The Integration of Individuals in Virtual and Tangible Realms

Subsequent to professional obligations, an exploratory temperament has guided engagement with the kinetic sphere of Roller Derby, adopting the capacities of participant and mentor. In digital territory, administration of raid servers and web platform for Pokémon Go Community in Oak Harbor, Washington, entails the orchestration of secure, hospitable zones for member interaction, coordination, and recreational pursuits. These philanthropic endeavors ignite an earnest desire to conduct leadership with mindful intention, compassionate understanding, and definitive goals.

The expedition to decipher leadership has yielded deep and rewarding insights. Through dialogues with acknowledged leaders, partaking in leadership education, and scrutiny of scholarly writings, the realization of the paramount importance of emotional intellect, compassion, and mental well-being in fostering a vibrant ambiance has emerged. Consequently, positioning as a fervent supporter, collaborator, and champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, persistently endeavoring to cultivate an embracing global society.

Abilities Rendered in Monetary Equivalence

Proficiency Array: An Ingenious Resolver of Complications

A conceptual strategist motivated by unconventional resolutions, acknowledging how minor subtleties in design can influence an entire interaction. With an acute observation for precision and the aptitude to prosper in strenuous conditions, a consistent deliverance of superior quality work within stringent time constraints is maintained. Enhanced relational faculties facilitate cooperation with diverse personnel across multifaceted disciplines.

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