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On the hunt for the next big thing – I'm ready to make a real difference.

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The lowdown on Alice.

Data and innovation are my playground. As a Sr. Analyst for Digital NPS & Journey Insights, I dive deep into numbers to improve customer interactions in telecom. With a past that includes running businesses and a stint at Apple, I've forged an eclectic skill set all about enhancing customer experience. I'm not your typical cable pro – I'm here to change how we connect with customers.

Project Management  Data Analytics 

 Digital Innovation   Customer Experience 

 Leadership  Collaboration  EQ 

Storytelling   Journey Insights 

Net Promoter Score 


Community, Leadership, Digital Connection: Count me in, both online and off.

Off the clock, I'm into Roller Derby and manage a Pokémon Go community online. I'm all about creating spaces where people can come together, whether it's on skates or through pixels. That's how I lead – with intention, empathy, and a sense of adventure.

I've spent time and energy understanding what true leadership means. Talking to the experts, learning in the classroom, and reading the right stuff has taught me the core values of emotional intelligence, empathy, and psychological safety. My mission? Fostering a more inclusive world.

Skills – the kind that keep the lights on.

At my core? A creative problem-solver.

I see the big picture and don't shy away from fresh solutions. Detail-oriented and resilient under pressure, I deliver quality and thrive on collaboration across diverse fields.

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