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BS Cloud Computing/IT Business Administration

Western Governors University

Starting with an emphasis in Cloud Computing, switched major to Business Administration with a specialty in IT Management to focus on:

  • Mastering IT Project Management Skills: Pursuing a degree in IT management that emphasizes the planning, execution, and supervision of technology-driven projects, aligning them with business objectives.

  • Innovation in Technology Leadership: Acquiring knowledge in the latest technological trends and methodologies, preparing to lead groundbreaking initiatives and foster innovation within the organization.

  • Integration of Business and Technology Strategies: Developing a comprehensive understanding of how IT aligns with business goals, ensuring that technology projects are tailored to organizational needs and market trends.

  • Team Collaboration and Leadership: Building proficiency in leading cross-functional teams, promoting collaboration between technical and non-technical stakeholders, and ensuring successful project delivery.

  • Risk Management and Problem Solving: Cultivating the ability to identify potential risks in technology projects and implementing strategic solutions, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Drucker School of Business Management at Claremont Graduate School 

  • Understanding of Startup Lifecycle: Gained comprehensive insights into the startup lifecycle and business models, equipping me to manage technology programs from ideation through execution, aligning with strategic objectives.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking: Developed entrepreneurial skills through courses like "Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and "7 Steps to Startup," fostering creativity and innovative thinking essential for leading technology programs.

  • Adaptation to Various Business Models: Studied various startup business models, enhancing my ability to adapt and manage technology programs that suit different organizational structures and market needs.

  • Tailored Entrepreneurship Electives: Completed 4-6 units of approved entrepreneurship electives, providing specialized knowledge and flexibility in managing technology projects, aligning with current industry trends.

  • Application of Entrepreneurial Principles to Technology Management: The entrepreneurial practices learned enable me to approach technology program management with a proactive, strategic mindset, essential for driving innovation and ensuring successful project delivery.

Personal Enrichment - Misc.


Continuous Professional Development and Personal Enrichment: Engaged in a comprehensive and diverse range of online learning platforms to enhance various professional and technical skills:

  • LinkedIn Learning: Completed 100+ courses, spanning subjects such as leadership, technology, and creative design.

  • Workday: Accomplished 500+ courses, focusing on business management, HR practices, and organizational development.

  • Harvard ManageMentor: Achieved 165 Skill Signals, concentrating on leadership competencies and strategic thinking.

  • Additional Learning Platforms: Actively participated in various courses from renowned providers such as the Institute of Code, Coursera, Khan Academy, Code Academy, TechLearn at ULearn, Learn Digital with Google, and others, showcasing a commitment to lifelong learning and adaptability in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

Health and Fitness Technician

Skagit Valley College

  • Earned Health & Fitness Certificate: Completed a comprehensive program focused on entry-level preparation for the health and fitness industry, achieving a 3.73 GPA.

  • Recipient of Departmental Award: Recognized for outstanding performance and academic excellence in the program, exemplifying dedication and mastery of the subject matter.

  • Strong Foundation in Human Anatomy: Engaged in detailed coursework covering anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and principles of strength and cardiovascular training, essential for understanding the human body's response to exercise.

  • Proficiency in Fitness Training Techniques: Acquired hands-on experience in fitness testing, group exercise instruction, injury prevention, and nutrition, positioning myself for success in personalized and group fitness scenarios.

Interactive Multimedia Design & Production

International Academy of Design & Technology

  • Degree in Interactive Multimedia Design and Production: Completed an extensive program at the International Academy of Design and Technology, focusing on visual design, audio, and interactive technologies.

  • Pioneering UI/UX Skills: Developed foundational skills in UI/UX and online media theory, preceding platforms like YouTube, and placing at the forefront of emerging digital trends.

  • Mastered Industry-Standard Tools: Learned the foundations of all media design using tools and software that remain industry standards today, ensuring a long-lasting applicability of skills.

  • Visual Design Mastery: Cultivated expertise in graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling techniques, enhancing the ability to craft visually engaging content.

  • Interactive Production Skills: Gained hands-on experience in interactive multimedia production, from video creation to sound editing and web development.

  • Collaborative Team Projects: Worked on collaborative projects simulating real-world scenarios, reinforcing teamwork, project management, and problem-solving skills essential for success in multimedia design and production.

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