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On the lookout for the next big thing where I can really make a difference in the world. #Impact

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All About Alice 🧩

I'm all about the data, telling stories and making innovation happen. Right now, I'm a Sr. Analyst for Digital NPS & Journey Insights in telecom. I dig deep into transactional Net Promoter Scores, own the NPS Callback program, and have 20+ years of experience, including 8 with Apple. I'm an unconventional pro with insights to transform how we connect with customers. #CustomerFirst

Project Management  Data Analytics 

 Digital Innovation   Customer Experience 

 Leadership  Collaboration  EQ 

Storytelling   Journey Insights 

Net Promoter Score 


Community, Leadership, and Digital Connection? I'm here for it. Bringing people together both online and offline. 🌐

Out of the office, I'm into Roller Derby and managing Pokémon Go for Oak Harbor, WA. I'm all about crafting cool spaces for the community to game together. These experiences feed my passion to lead with heart. 💪🎮

I've had a deep journey understanding leadership. From interviews to classes, I'm all about emotional intelligence, empathy, and psychological safety. Proud to stand up for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, because #WeAreOne. 🏳️‍🌈

Got the Skills That Get the Bills Paid 🧠

Creative Problem-Solving? That's me. 🎨

I see the big picture and love out-of-the-box solutions. Attention to detail is key, and I'm all about quality and collaboration.

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