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How History Starts: Building Your Career Story
  • Event Design & Execution: Collaborated closely with leadership to conceptualize and implement digital signage for the "How History Starts: Building Your Career Story" event hosted by BENgineers_Her. The event was held in the PXC (Product Experience Center) on the 20th Floor of the Comcast Technology Center, focusing on empowering Black women in tech and reinforcing community connections.

  • Visual & Branding Elements: Designed and coordinated visual elements to align with the desired event vibes of professionalism, warmth, affirmation, and uniqueness. This included creating:

  • Official BENgineers_Her Logo

  • Ticket and Main Event Image for Eventbrite

  • A variety of specialized display screens for different locations within PXC, adhering to specific size and layout requirements.

  • Content Creation: Produced captivating text for corridor walls and Xfinity home areas, cycling through powerful affirmations to resonate with attendees. The phrases such as "I am seen, I am heard, I am supported" and "Unconditional Self-Worth" were crafted to inspire and energize.

  • Result & Recognition: Successfully delivered the digital signage, creating a specific ambiance that resonated with attendees. The event was highly regarded, featuring an insightful fireside chat with celebrated panelists and providing actionable content for cultivating self-love and self-worth. The contributions to the event were acknowledged in a follow-up email to the SVP and Chief Diversity Officer, showcasing the value and impact of the work.

  • Alignment with Mission: The meticulous execution of the design needs helped set the tone for an event that sought to address the underrepresentation of Black women in the tech industry. By fostering an environment that celebrated the unique stories and challenges faced by women of color, the event played an essential role in building community and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.





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