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Director of New Talent, Public Relations & Organizational Development, Whidbey Island Roller Girls

Whidbey Island Roller Girls

  • Public Relations, Secretary, and Training Committee Leader for Whidbey Island Roller Girls: Spearheaded efforts in deep-diving into operations costs and baselines for viability, playing a pivotal role in increasing membership and ensuring financial sustainability.

  • Brand Revitalization and Vision Alignment: Led the successful recreation of the team's brand, unifying team members behind a common vision and purpose, fostering cohesion, and energizing the organization's identity.

  • Leadership in Administrative Functions: Served as Board Secretary, managing essential governance activities, including organizational communication, record-keeping, and facilitating collaboration across the team.

  • Proactive Training Committee Involvement: Played a vital role in the training committee, offering insights into athletic training, and contributing to program design and implementation that resonated with athletes and supported performance goals.

  • Innovative Talent Development: As Director of New Talent, designed and executed a recruitment curriculum that was self-sustaining, increasing membership to cover operating costs and aligning with the team's financial strategy.

  • Result-Driven Curriculum Design: Crafted accessible and appealing training modules, funding all expenses within the first session, and laying the groundwork for the entire program's success.

  • One-on-One Coaching and Goal Setting: Engaged in personalized coaching with teammates, devising SMART goals, and providing ongoing support to enhance individual and collective performance.

  • Community Engagement and Image Building: Actively managed public relations to promote the team, leveraging community engagement and media relationships to build a positive image and attract fans and participants.

  • Internship in Athletic Training: Completed a targeted internship with the training committee, focusing on athlete well-being, training optimization, and alignment with overall team objectives.





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