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Community Server Owner/Creator

Pokemon GO Community Discord Raid Server

  • Server Owner/Creator of Pokémon GO Community Discord Raid Server: Founded and managed a thriving community of 700+ members, specifically tailored to coordinate local Pokémon GO raids and ensure successful collaboration and engagement.

  • Community Management and Leadership: Led the community's efforts in raid planning, balancing challenges such as local weather, traffic, player strength, and unexpected events, ensuring seamless raid execution.

  • Strategic Raid Coordination: Orchestrated real-time raid coordination, directing participants to suitable locations and times, and making quick adjustments to account for changing conditions and player dynamics.

  • Staffing and Delegation: Identified and assigned strong leaders and communicators within the community to lead raids, ensuring continuity and effectiveness in my absence.

  • Channel Management and Bot Coding: Implemented special software and utilized bot coding to enhance server management and user experience, automating essential functions for efficiency.

  • Inclusive Community Engagement: Fostered an inclusive environment that accommodated players both within and outside the server, facilitating communication and collaboration for successful raids.

  • Real-Time Decision Making: Demonstrated agility in real-time decision-making, balancing multiple raids, locations, and player capabilities to maximize community success and enjoyment.

  • Technical Innovation and Problem-Solving: Employed innovative solutions and technical know-how to simplify the raid management process, contributing to the server's growth and popularity.





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