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XM/Core Converged Modular Buyflow Quality Testing

Knowledge Engineer for Converged Modular Buyflow 

  • Pioneering Integration: Played a crucial role in the convergence of mobile and core services into a single buyflow, contributing to the company's milestone as the first in the U.S. to achieve this integration.

  • Pre-Production Leadership: Actively engaged in pre-production trials, providing valuable insights and feedback to ensure the functionality and efficiency of the new buyflow system.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Worked closely with various teams, utilizing a broad knowledge base to identify opportunities for improvement and address potential challenges in the convergence process.

  • Quality Assurance: Assisted in facilitating a quality trial to ensure the successful implementation of the converged modular buyflow, applying rigorous testing and validation methodologies.

  • Strategic Support: Leveraged expertise in as a Knowlege Engineer to guide decision-making and problem-solving throughout the project, contributing to the seamless execution of the innovative buyflow design.





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