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Seattle Float Tracker
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Identified an employee pain point and developed the "Float Tracker" to manage technicians' temporary assignments, significantly reducing burnout and improving organizational efficiency.

  • Alignment with Leadership: Worked closely with the leadership team to use the Float Tracker to ensure fairness and business process effectiveness, fulfilling a call to action from eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score).

  • Impact on Work Culture: Successfully implemented the Float Tracker, leading to a more organized and effective approach to "floating" technicians. Ensured a balanced workload, preventing late hours and enhancing employee satisfaction.

  • Enduring Success: Created a solution that was highly regarded and continues to be used, showcasing a lasting positive impact on the organization. Received a testimonial from a teammate praising the innovation and its benefits for the Field Fulfillment Office (FFO).

  • Commitment to Fairness: Addressed an issue where technicians were unevenly assigned to areas outside their native reporting areas, ensuring an equitable distribution of work and reducing travel burdens.





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