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Personalized Price Rise Audit 2022

Contributing Analyst, Personalized Price Rise Audit 2022

  • Experience Documentation: Assisted in documenting the Personalized Price Rise (PPR) experience, providing valuable insights and observations into customer interactions and feedback, beginning with early communications and extending into the new year.

  • Collaboration with Team: Worked cooperatively with team members to pull and compile diverse experiences, contributing to a more comprehensive and multifaceted analysis of the PPR process.

  • Observation Analysis: Participated in the identification and analysis of key observations that were selected for further consideration and refinement for the upcoming 2024 experience.

  • Contribution to Future Planning: Contributed essential insights that helped shape future strategies and improvements in pricing experiences, ensuring a more personalized and customer-centric approach.

  • Cross-Functional Communication: Engaged in communicating findings and insights with various stakeholders, ensuring that observations were understood and considered in the planning for future pricing strategies.





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