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Payment Audit 2022

Payment Experience Auditor

  • Comprehensive Payment Audit: Conducted an extensive audit of payment systems, including One Time Pay, Autopay, Scheduled Payments, LTIP, Promise to Pay, and XAP 2.0, addressing an NPS insights request from the DXP Experience Team.

  • Cross-Channel Analysis: Analyzed various use cases across account types, payment methods, payment modifications, and digital channels, ensuring an in-depth understanding of payment dynamics.

  • Enhancing Customer Communications: Evaluated and optimized email and SMS communications related to payment systems, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

  • Collaboration with Payment Experience Teams: Worked closely with Payment Experience teams to align audit findings with business goals, driving continuous improvements in the payment process.

  • Strategic Insights Implementation: Utilized NPS insights to identify opportunities for streamlining and enhancing payment experiences, contributing to the company's overall customer-centric approach.





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