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Pacific Northwest Region ERG Playbook Writing
  • Strategic Consulting: Engaged to provide specialized consulting support to the DEI council leadership, focusing on the governance and best practices of Employee Resource Groups (ERG), enhancing organizational alignment with national standards.

  • Process Evaluation: Conducted a thorough assessment of existing ERG processes, identifying opportunities for alignment with national governance standards, leading to more effective and standardized practices.

  • Collaborative Development: Worked closely with leadership to rewrite and refine ERG governance guidelines, ensuring they were both practical and compliant with best practice standards.

  • Successful Implementation: Assisted in the successful launch of revised ERG governance practices, coinciding with the Kick Off event for the newly established Pacific Northwest region, demonstrating project execution skills.

  • Influence and Impact: Contributed to strengthening the organizational culture around diversity, equity, and inclusion through strategic alignment of ERG practices, emphasizing your role in fostering a positive workplace environment.

  • Expertise in DEI: Leveraged expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion to provide valuable insights and recommendations, reflecting your deep understanding of these essential principles in organizational success.





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