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Outage Wars 2022 Outage simulation

Knowledge Engineer, Outage Wars 2022 - Outage Simulation

  • Cross-Divisional Simulation Coordination: Participated in a large-scale outage simulation across all divisions, pressure testing both unassisted and assisted channels to analyze their performance and responsiveness during a simulated event.

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Worked collaboratively with teams across the company, identifying pain points and bottlenecks in outage response. Facilitated ideation sessions to brainstorm and develop solutions for potential challenges.

  • Issue Tracking and Management: Created and maintained an Issue Jira Dashboard, serving as a centralized hub for all involved parties. Managed real-time tracking, categorization, and prioritization of issues that arose during the simulation, ensuring transparency and effective communication.

  • Strategic Input on Outage Response: Provided insights and expertise on how various channels might respond to real-world outages, informing strategies to enhance resilience and customer satisfaction during unexpected disruptions.

  • Results Analysis and Reporting: Assisted in the compilation and presentation of findings post-simulation, contributing to the development of comprehensive reports that highlighted key insights, successes, and areas for improvement.





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