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MyAccount App Sunset/Xfinity App transition 2023

Senior Analyst, MyAccount App Sunset & Xfinity App Transition

  • Recording Experiences: Played a vital role in capturing and documenting the user experiences and interactions within the Xfinity MyAccount App, gathering essential insights to inform the transition.

  • Insight Compilation: Analyzed and compiled insights derived from the sunsetting of the Xfinity MyAccount App, contributing to the refinement of the Xfinity App as the primary application for the user base.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Worked closely with cross-functional teams, including product, development, and user experience teams, to ensure alignment and smooth execution of the transition.

  • User-Centered Approach: Maintained a strong focus on user needs and expectations, actively participating in user testing and feedback loops to inform enhancements in the new Xfinity App.

  • Project Communication: Assisted in communicating the transition strategy to both internal stakeholders and external users, providing clear information and support to facilitate understanding and acceptance of the change.





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