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Long-Term Installment Plan Audit 2022

Long-Term Installment Plan (LTIP) Audit Specialist

  • End-to-End Audit Performance: Conducted a comprehensive audit of the Long-Term Installment Plan (LTIP) process, from the Predictive Banner stage through Enrollment, ensuring an in-depth understanding of the entire experience.

  • Observations and Analysis: Logged and meticulously analyzed 10 key observations, identifying both strengths and areas of improvement within the LTIP process.

  • Collaboration with Triage and Experience Teams: Coordinated closely with Triage and Experience teams to disposition findings, ensuring that insights were translated into actionable improvements.

  • Enhancement of Customer Experience: Contributed to the optimization of the LTIP process, focusing on customer-centric strategies that elevated the user experience.

  • Strategic Reporting and Documentation: Effectively documented the audit process and findings, facilitating clear communication of insights and alignment with organizational goals.





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