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IVR Mosaic Migration 5 Standards Validation

Senior Analyst, IVR Mosaic Migration & 5 Standards Validation

  • Comprehensive Validation: Executed detailed pre-production validation testing to ensure tNPS surveys would trigger accurately following the migration to the Mosaic platform. This included the essential alignment of IVR Nodes with existing connected 5 standards Action IDs and Interaction types.

  • Post-Migration Monitoring: Participated in a post-migration monitoring strategy, involving the assessment of survey volumes and customer verbatims, to detect any issues with 5 standards triggering or IVR functionality.

  • Technology Enhancement: Contributed to the IVR migration to the Mosaic platform to leverage a more advanced speech engine and cloud-based technology, facilitating more conversational interactions and reduced turnaround times on speech analysis and updates.

  • Customer Pathing Optimization: Ensured an optimal customer experience for diverse customer groups (new, existing, residential, and business) by verifying correct mapping of call paths in the IVR system, tagging them with 5 standards action IDs where needed for tNPS survey eligibility.

  • Defect Identification and Resolution: Detected a significant defect related to the "Greeting Caller Intent," which had an incorrect interaction type being sent with the ID. Took prompt action to prevent fallout in Medallia, safeguarding the integrity of surveys. Intent had a volume of 30,000 surveys in June.

  • Strategic Contribution to Business Reporting: Played a vital role in ensuring that IVR Nodes were appropriately mapped and triggered in reporting using newly migrated platform tools, a process critical to standard business reporting and customer experience evaluation.





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