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DXP Unassisted tNPS Open Office Hours

Lead Facilitator for Unassisted tNPS Office Hours Training & DXP Customer Contact Initiatives

  • Initiative Development: Pioneered and subsequently owned the concept of unassisted tNPS Office Hours, translating it into actionable training sessions to enhance DXP's customer contact capabilities.

  • Training and Education: Crafted comprehensive training materials and provided live instruction, ensuring all teammates had the requisite knowledge and skills to engage with the company's NPS initiatives.

  • Biweekly Leadership: Spearheaded biweekly DXP training sessions, effectively communicating how NPS ties into various workstreams, thereby fostering a deeper understanding and alignment with company goals.

  • Impactful Execution: Demonstrated significant success through training initiatives, leading to an environment where the training sessions fulfilled their purpose and were no longer needed, a testament to their effectiveness.

  • Support and Resources: Acted as an ongoing support mechanism for teammates, providing valuable resources and assistance as needed to ensure consistent alignment with the company's customer engagement strategies.

  • Team Collaboration: Worked closely with the team during the early stages of the initiative, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership in 2022 and maintaining the initiative's momentum and efficacy.





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