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DXP Teams Adoption

Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft Teams Training Initiative

  • Proactive Collaboration: Volunteering expertise in uptraining work groups in a virtual space, demonstrating initiative and foresight in enhancing virtual collaboration within DXP.

  • Training Material Development: Assisted in creating and adapting training materials tailored to DXP's unique requirements. Contributed to guides, tutorials, and resources that facilitated the transition to Microsoft Teams, aligning with the initiative to improve virtual work practices.

  • Virtual Training Assistance: Played a role in conducting training sessions and workshops, utilizing previous experience to guide DXP team members in mastering Microsoft Teams. Collaborated with leadership to ensure the training met organizational needs and goals.

  • Impact on Virtual Collaboration: Aided in the successful implementation of Microsoft Teams within DXP, resulting in improved virtual collaboration and communication across various work groups. Contributed to a more flexible and efficient remote work environment.

  • Foundation for Future Contributions: This initiative served as a springboard for further involvement with DXP, showcasing ability to identify opportunities for improvement and take leadership in implementing solutions.





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