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Customer Device Operations Technician | West Division Engineering


  • Pilot Participant in Project Orange/TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty): Selected as one of two individuals for a critical pilot program during the pandemic, contributing to the creation of continuing programs for temporarily displaced technicians.

  • Remarkable Return on Investment: Delivered a 6x ROI, defining the success of the program and aligning displaced technicians with ongoing business objectives.

  • Anomaly Analysis and Reporting: Identified and reported Haystack data anomalies, correlating them to service outages, and escalated potential issues in collaboration with National Service Desk and HFC/XOC departments.

  • Cost Savings through Proactive Measures: Saved the company $183,255 in canceled truck rolls by investigating customer tickets related to potential outages, and facilitated scheduling of proactive service calls to ensure network reliability.

  • Top Performance Achievements (90-day Assignment): Outperformed seasoned technicians, ranking #1 Top Ticketeer in Fiscal October 2020, #2 Top Ticketeer in Fiscal November 2020, and #2 in Cancellation Competition in Fiscal November 2020.

  • Legacy of Opportunity: The pilot's success, underpinned by proactive service and a focus on reliability, helped pave the way for a sustainable program that continues to support technicians facing short-term disability or COVID-related absences.





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