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Community Moderator/Administrator (Modmin)

PG Lifestyle Community

  • Community Moderator and Administrator for PG: Managed an inclusive and diverse Facebook community of over 14,000 members, embracing various fandoms and lifestyles, and maintaining a respectful and engaging environment.

  • Advocacy for Safe Spaces and DEI: Promoted and ensured safe spaces within PG, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and creating a welcoming environment for all, including LGBTQI individuals.

  • Content Moderation with Sensitivity: Monitored content with an understanding of different lifestyles, ensuring quality and adherence to community standards that reflected the unique interests and values of PG.

  • Oversight of Sub-Groups and Special Interests: Coordinated various sub-groups within PG, focusing on specific fandoms and interests, fostering a sense of community and shared passion.

  • Member Engagement and Inclusivity: Actively engaged with members, providing support, and fostering a culture of acceptance and appreciation for diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

  • Policy Development for Inclusivity: Played an instrumental role in crafting and enforcing community guidelines that upheld the principles of inclusivity, empathy, and respect, safeguarding the integrity of PG.

  • Collaboration and Leadership: Collaborated with fellow moderators and administrators to manage PG effectively, sharing insights and best practices to maintain an LGBTQI-friendly and inclusive community.

  • Community Analysis and Growth: Utilized insights and analytics to evaluate member engagement and trends within PG, implementing strategies to enhance inclusivity, growth, and satisfaction.





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