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Change/Leave Journey Moves Flows Audit 2023

Senior Analyst, Moves Experience Audit & Optimization

  • Leadership in Comprehensive Audit: Conducted a detailed experience audit in the moves space, encompassing all unassisted channels, in collaboration with the Change/Leave Journey Team. Effectively led the audit process as a Senior Analyst, identifying areas of improvement and ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

  • Critical Bug Resolution & Enhancement: Identified and successfully resolved one critical bug and two major bugs, deploying fixes to enhance user experiences. Demonstrated a proactive approach to quality assurance and swift problem-solving.

  • Innovation through A/B Testing: Sent two observations to Experimentation for A/B testing, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to meet customer expectations.

  • Strategic Collaboration & Future Planning: Collaborated closely with the Moves Experience Team to disposition several observations for future POR prioritization, including targeted fixes and opportunities for IVR, XA, and Xfinity app. Emphasized alignment with the Sitecore rebrand and other strategic initiatives.

  • Cross-Channel Analysis & Testing: Reviewed and tested experiences across platforms like Dotcom, Xfinity Assistant, IVR, and Xfinity App, with an emphasis on different flows and moves within and across regions. Ensured consistency and quality across various touchpoints.

  • Ongoing Oversight & Optimization: Regularly tracked bugs to ensure they were fixed or unreproducible, reviewed findings with the DXP experience team owner, and maintained regular collaboration with partners for optimization opportunities. These ongoing efforts contribute to seamless national moves and potential enhancements on the roadmap.





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