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Annual Virtual Career Fair Planning
  • Innovative Solution During Challenging Times: Ideated and co-led an experimental solution to meet the growing needs of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) during the pandemic, recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by members in the WA region.

  • Collaboration with Key Stakeholders: As part of the OUT @ Comcast Professional Development Committee, ideated, presented and gained buy-in from the Women's Network Board, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and securing essential support for the project's success.

  • Successful Virtual Career Fair Planning: Leveraged an internal, experimental platform called Bump to plan and facilitate a virtual career fair, a pioneering move that showcased adaptability and technological savvy.

  • Broad Participation and Engagement: Attracted virtual booths from over a dozen different organizations, providing a diverse and rich experience for ERG members, and contributing to the event becoming one of the most successful ERG initiatives in Summer 2021.





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