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Technician | Innovation & Incubation


  • Xfinity Product Incubation Trials Support: Maintained training knowledge on evolving products such as the Xfinity Doorbell, XB8 Modem, and award-winning XRA Accessibilities remote control, providing essential support for internal and external trials and adapting to ever-changing product landscapes.

  • Trial Participant Troubleshooting: Offered real-time troubleshooting support for trial participants on high-profile products including the XB8 Modem, identifying and reporting bugs and observations to stakeholders through methodical dispositioning.

  • Process Toolkit GUI Development: Conceived and implemented a process toolkit GUI, enhancing efficiency across various tasks and driving innovation within trials for the Xfinity Doorbell and other key products.

  • Automation of NPS Elevations System: Led the automation of the prospective NPS Elevations system for the department, optimizing performance on projects like the award-winning XRA Accessibilities remote control.

  • Selection for CommTech Jeopardy 2021: Distinguished for expertise and selected to participate in CommTech Jeopardy 2021, reflecting engagement with cutting-edge products and industry trends.

  • Team File Structure Migration: Successfully migrated the existing team file structure to new channels, ensuring smooth access to essential data related to Xfinity Doorbell and other high-profile products.

  • SharePoint Site Creation: Created tailored SharePoint sites for various projects, including those related to the XB8 Modem, fostering collaboration and enhancing team productivity.





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