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Residential Installation Technician | Technical Operations


  • Rapid Advancement: Started as a Residential Field Technician at Comcast and quickly ascended to the role of Interim Supervisor within just over a year, demonstrating agility, dedication, and leadership.

  • Pandemic Response: Adapted to a dynamic and high-pressure work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, following strict and ever-changing protocols to ensure both customer satisfaction and safety.

  • Technical Skills and Field Work: Successfully performed installations, service changes, and troubleshooting for a diverse range of cable technician tasks. Expertly climbed poles, routed cables through walls, and handled complex equipment, maintaining an unyielding commitment to quality and safety.

  • Safety Leadership: Nominated to and served on the Safety Committee, reinforcing a culture of caution and adherence to safety regulations, including working near power lines, in confined spaces, and with weights exceeding 70 lbs.

  • Customer Experience Focus: Engaged with customers, providing education on products and services, empathizing with their concerns, and creating positive experiences through active listening and problem-solving.

  • NPS Committee Service: Nominated to and contributed to the NPS Committee, reflecting a strong alignment with the company's goals and commitment to enhancing customer relationships.

  • Vehicle and Equipment Management: Responsibly drove the company vehicle and maintained essential equipment, ensuring readiness and compliance with state licensing requirements, even while traveling and working in inclement weather conditions.





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