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Professional Development Co-Lead | OUT @ Comcast - WA Region
  • Board Member Selection: Appointed to Out @ Comcast Board as co-lead for the Professional Development Committee after just over a year at Comcast, an exceptional achievement for an employee in a field role.

  • Achievement through Performance and Leadership Support: Secured the opportunity by maintaining strong metrics and obtaining leadership endorsement, showcasing dedication and capability.

  • Virtual Career Fair Success: Collaboratively planned and executed a virtual career fair during Summer 2021, engaging over a dozen organizations, resulting in one of the most successful ERG events of the year.

  • Co-Lead for Professional Development: Played a pivotal role as co-lead in designing and delivering effective professional development programs, aligning with organizational objectives and supporting members' growth.

  • Champion of Inclusion and Growth: Actively participated in initiatives that nurture an inclusive environment and promote continuous professional development, reinforcing the company's values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.





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