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Knowledge Engineer Team | Innovation & Incubation


  • Pre- and Post-Production Trials Testing: Selected to join an elite team and performed rigorous testing in live and staging environments to verify functionality across unassisted channels like dotcom, Xfinity Assistant, and IVR, utilizing qualitative journey assessments.

  • Use Case Creation, Testing, and Defect Reporting: Created and tested specific Use Cases, reporting defects and observations to front-end development teams to identify technical solutions. This process led to insights for improving customer interactions and functionality.

  • Test Account Catalog Management: Continually groomed test account catalog for specific use case scenarios, ensuring readiness for ongoing projects and assessments.

  • Jira Dashboard Creation for Stakeholders: Developed Jira Dashboards to query pertinent data for stakeholders, allowing for real-time tracking and prioritization of development tasks.

  • In-Depth Customer Journey Analysis: Researched and reviewed customer journey data in Digital Channels: Xfinity Assistant;; IVR, connecting insights to enhancements in process, design, NLP.

  • Root Cause Analysis Presentation: Spearheaded and presented Root Cause Analysis, highlighting themes to stakeholders and providing critical insights that influenced strategic direction.

  • Weekly Stand-Ups and Strategic Planning: Participated actively in weekly stand-ups to assess progress in research and engage in strategic planning, nurturing a culture of collaboration.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Worked closely with internal teams and stakeholders to align strategies and enhance the effectiveness of digital offerings.

  • Impact Assessment and Continuous Improvement: Regularly assessed the impact of implemented strategies on customer satisfaction and engagement, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.





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