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Interim Supervisor | Technical Operations


  • Selection and Promotion: From a competitive pool of 120 tenured technicians, earned a spot as one of 12 candidates in contention for an interim supervisor role, despite being the least tenured and newest hire. Triumphed in the interview process and was chosen for the position, overcoming both experience and gender-related perceptions.

  • Leadership and Team Management: Led a team of 10 Xfinity Residential Technicians, effectively navigating initial resistance and bias as a perceived "newbie" and female leader. Built trust, respect, and collaboration among team members, fostering a positive environment for personal and professional growth.

  • Operational Improvements: In a short 90-day stint, achieved significant performance enhancements:

  • Meter Compliance: Increased by 5%

  • Start Variance: Decreased by 20%

  • Lunch Gap: Decreased by 5%

  • Enhanced both FTR and ETC metrics

  • Career Development: Provided regular coaching, goal setting, and safety discussions. All qualified technicians under my supervision were promoted, and several acquired specialized designations.

  • Innovation and Equality: Created and implemented a tracking database to ensure equal treatment of technicians assigned to frequently travel out of system, and authored automation for cross-workgroup special projects.

  • Metrics-Driven Success: Successfully met and exceeded key performance indicators, reflecting a commitment to excellence and leadership effectiveness.





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