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Interactive Multimedia Design & Production

International Academy of Design & Technology

  • Degree in Interactive Multimedia Design and Production: Completed an extensive program at the International Academy of Design and Technology, focusing on visual design, audio, and interactive technologies.

  • Pioneering UI/UX Skills: Developed foundational skills in UI/UX and online media theory, preceding platforms like YouTube, and placing at the forefront of emerging digital trends.

  • Mastered Industry-Standard Tools: Learned the foundations of all media design using tools and software that remain industry standards today, ensuring a long-lasting applicability of skills.

  • Visual Design Mastery: Cultivated expertise in graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling techniques, enhancing the ability to craft visually engaging content.

  • Interactive Production Skills: Gained hands-on experience in interactive multimedia production, from video creation to sound editing and web development.

  • Collaborative Team Projects: Worked on collaborative projects simulating real-world scenarios, reinforcing teamwork, project management, and problem-solving skills essential for success in multimedia design and production.





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