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DXP NPS Summit

Facilitator, DXP NPS Summit - tNPS Integration Initiative

  • Strategic Integration of NPS: Orchestrated tNPS Working Sessions aimed at incorporating Net Promoter Score (NPS) into everyday work practices within the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) team, aligning with organizational customer-centric goals.

  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Conducted interactive exercises with Service and Sales teams, fostering collaboration and unified understanding of NPS principles. Facilitated dialogue and knowledge-sharing among diverse functional areas.

  • Outcome-Driven Workshops: Designed and led working sessions that resulted in subsequent meetings and projects, transforming theoretical NPS concepts into actionable plans and strategies.

  • Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture: Played a pivotal role in socializing NPS across various DXP functions, contributing to the establishment of a customer-centric culture and the enhancement of customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.

  • Ongoing Support and Guidance: Continued to provide support and insights in follow-up sessions, demonstrating a commitment to driving continuous improvement in customer experience and aligning with organizational NPS objectives.





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