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DXP NPS Customer Contact Program

DXP Customer Contact Program Innovator

  • Strategic Advocacy: Championed the development and implementation of regular biweekly office hours, collaborating with cross-functional teams to elevate customer engagement practices.

  • Educational Leadership: Assisted in the planning and execution of unassisted tNPS Lunch and Learns and the DXP NPS Summit, thereby enhancing team knowledge and alignment with best practices.

  • Resource Development: Created specific training materials and resources tailored to DXP needs, providing a solid foundation for continuous learning and development.

  • Collaboration & Incentivization: Worked closely with SLT to incentivize callbacks and collaborated with CXSO NPS teams & NPS Technology team to share best practices, fostering a unified approach to customer service.

  • Impressive Growth Metrics: Achieved a remarkable 192% increase in total contacts, growing from 663 in 2022 to 1937 in 2023, reflecting the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

  • Sustained Improvement: Successfully improved the DXP monthly average written contacts from 55 in 2022 to 361 in 2023, a testament to the program's ongoing refinement and success.

  • Team Engagement Transformation: Boosted engagement within the DXP team, growing participation from 8 teammates in 2022 to 51% of the DXP team in 2023, showcasing the program's appeal and relevance.





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