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Dotcom 2.0 Digital Quality Trials

Knowledge Engineer, Dotcom 2.0 Quality Trials

  • Pre-Production Quality Trials Facilitation: Led over 20 Quality Trials for all components of the Dotcom 2.0 launch, ensuring robust pre-production testing and validation. Coordinated with platforms team and Project Management, conducting trial after trial in a year-long effort.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Engaged in weekly PMO meetings and Dev Syncs, working closely with various teams to prioritize and address observations, Bugs, and Experience Improvement Opportunities.

  • Continuous Issue Resolution: Successfully implemented a continuous burndown strategy, handling issues from January 2022 through post-launch, leading to a smoother and more efficient launch process.

  • Strategic Insights and Analysis: Leveraged Knowledge Engineer expertise to provide valuable insights into the Dotcom 2.0 platform, influencing decision-making and overall project strategy.

  • Enhancement of User Experience: Played a key role in enhancing the user experience by identifying and rectifying critical issues, contributing to the successful launch of a major digital platform.

  • Company-Wide Impact: This landmark project marked a significant evolution for the company's digital presence. A major achievement reflecting the culmination of intense cross-functional collaboration and persistent effort, it redefined the user experience, setting a new standard in the industry and positioning the company at the forefront of digital innovation.





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