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Digital Quality Update

Owner & Lead Analyst, Biweekly Digital Quality Update

  • Content Compilation & Analysis: Gathered and analyzed team notes to identify best contenders for showcasing Digital Quality's work, ensuring accurate and engaging representation of the team's achievements.

  • Visual Story Creation: Developed visually compelling stories that highlight key aspects of the team's work, enhancing the appeal and accessibility of the updates.

  • Senior Leadership Collaboration: Conducted review sessions with managers, directors, and VPs, ensuring alignment with organizational messaging and obtaining vital insights to guide content creation.

  • Quality Overhaul Success: Successfully revamped the Quality Biweekly update, resulting in a fourfold increase in viewership, with over 2000 clicks since February, reflecting the effectiveness of the new approach.

  • High-Level Engagement: Achieved a significant rise in engagement among senior leadership, with a 39% subscription rate among VP & C-suite levels, and 24% among Director levels and above.

  • Audience Relevance: Strategically tailored content to resonate with the audience, as evidenced by the substantial increase in engagement, highlighting the relevance and quality of the provided content.

  • Performance Tracking & Improvement: Regularly monitored viewership statistics and feedback to make continuous improvements, ensuring that the updates remain relevant, engaging, and valuable to the audience.

  • Strategic Communication: Utilized the update as a strategic communication tool to foster transparency, collaboration, and understanding across various levels of the organization.





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