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Change/Leave Journey XA Audit 2023

Senior Analyst, Xfinity Assistant (XA) Optimization Audit

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Partnered with the Change Leave Journey Team,  Product and Experience owners, aligning cross-functional efforts to enhance the Xfinity Assistant's performance in conjunction with Project Aran (95/95/30).

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Conducted a detailed audit of existing XA intents with the lowest containment rates to identify potential improvement opportunities. Started with 15 use cases across various domains like adding, changing, and removing services, equipment, channels, and unlimited data.

  • Thematic Observations: Documented 23 observations and bucketed them into key themes, mainly highlighting issues with incorrect linkouts or additional customer effort and XA's lack of context about the plan. This thematic approach ensures a focused and strategic improvement process.

  • Positive Engagement with Product & Experience Teams: Held productive meetings with the product and experience teams, reading out observations and receiving positive feedback. Collaborative approach fosters mutual understanding and alignment with stakeholders.

  • Adaptation to Upcoming Changes: Maintained awareness of a new entertainment management experience due to launch soon, recognizing the need to retest some use cases. Proactively positioning for more opportunities to guide customers effectively demonstrates forward-thinking and adaptability.

  • Ongoing Commitment to Excellence: As the audit is currently ongoing, consistently demonstrating dedication to uncovering insights and working closely with various teams to enhance customer experience and functionality of the Xfinity Assistant.





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