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Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Drucker School of Business Management at Claremont Graduate School 

  • Understanding of Startup Lifecycle: Gained comprehensive insights into the startup lifecycle and business models, equipping me to manage technology programs from ideation through execution, aligning with strategic objectives.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking: Developed entrepreneurial skills through courses like "Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and "7 Steps to Startup," fostering creativity and innovative thinking essential for leading technology programs.

  • Adaptation to Various Business Models: Studied various startup business models, enhancing my ability to adapt and manage technology programs that suit different organizational structures and market needs.

  • Tailored Entrepreneurship Electives: Completed 4-6 units of approved entrepreneurship electives, providing specialized knowledge and flexibility in managing technology projects, aligning with current industry trends.

  • Application of Entrepreneurial Principles to Technology Management: The entrepreneurial practices learned enable me to approach technology program management with a proactive, strategic mindset, essential for driving innovation and ensuring successful project delivery.





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