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about alice

I am a data-driven storyteller cultivating a culture where innovation thrives. Currently, I serve as a Sr. Analyst for Digital NPS & Journey Insights in the telecommunications industry. My role within the Digital Excellence and Optimization team consists of performing in-depth analysis of transactional Net Promoter Score and customer journey audits in digital unassisted channels, where I proudly own the NPS Callback program. With over 20 years of experience running small/medium businesses and spending 8 years with Apple, my background is woven into a unique tapestry, all aimed at enhancing customer experience. This fusion of experiences makes me an unconventional cable professional, armed with insights and strategies to transform the way we engage with our customers.

Project Management  Data Analytics 

 Digital Innovation   Customer Experience 

 Leadership  Collaboration  EQ 

Storytelling   Journey Insights 

Net Promoter Score 


A Passion for Community, Leadership, and Digital Connection: Uniting People On and Off the Field

Outside of the office, my adventurous spirit has led me to the dynamic world of Roller Derby, where I embraced the roles of player and coach. In the digital realm, I manage a raid server and website for Oak Harbor, Washington's Pokémon Go Community, crafting a safe and inviting space where community members can connect, organize, and game together. These volunteer experiences fuel my passion to lead with intention, empathy, and purpose.

My journey to understand leadership has been profound and enriching. Through interviews with established leaders, attending leadership classes, and delving into articles, I've come to recognize the vital importance of emotional intelligence, empathy, and psychological safety in creating a thriving environment. As a result, I stand as a proud advocate, ally, and champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, constantly seeking ways to foster a more inclusive world.

skills to pay the bills


A Creative Problem-Solver

at Heart

I'm a big picture thinker driven by out-of-the-box solutions, recognizing how even the smallest nuance of design can shape an entire experience. With a sharp eye for detail and the ability to thrive under pressure, I consistently produce high-quality work within tight deadlines. My strong interpersonal skills enable me to collaborate with a wide array of individuals across various fields.

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